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Amazing opportunity available for a Frontend Developer who is passionate about what they do and to ensure that the product that they develop truly solves and addresses the client’s problem and is built with the user in mind.

Minimum Requirements

4+ years of experience in frontend development, this includes HTML, CSS and some framework of JavaScript – preferably React.js.
Keen eye for design
Some understanding of the backend to better work with your colleagues and know what they go through – this would be a bonus.
Ability to work both autonomously, and in a small team to solve complex problems

The role entails

Proactively consider all aspects that go into what you are building, to ensure that you deliver on your commitments.
Become an expert in your client’s business by maintaining thorough domain knowledge on the project and understanding their business vision and goals.
Always look at the bigger picture and the context to ensure that what you build fulfils the client’s requirements and solves the client’s problem.
Ensure that you are always completely integrated with the rest of the team and the client. This means maintaining ongoing communication with the team, including POs, other developers, designers, the client and key stakeholders.
Write exceptional quality code that passes all the requirements, i.e. code climate, integration tests, general specs and getting approval from a fellow developer.
Once you have built a feature, ensure that you test it and quality-check it before it goes through to code review and QA.
Maintain conversations with designers around the current project, as well as the world of frontend in general;
Be able to provide constructive input to designs where changes in designs might improve performance, dev time, or any other metric that will help us provide the maximum value to client;
Once designs are agreed on, be able to build pixel perfect implementations of the design;
Where designs aren’t provided for a given screen size, be able to interpret the designs in a manner that scales responsively. Maintaining a conversation with a designer throughout this process is especially important.

Key competencies

Examining Information
Adopting practical approaches
Team Work
Constructive Feedback
Meeting Timescales


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